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The Karl Lemaire Story

This is a sample story from the my new book on Peiper: A Deadly Past.

The German speaking section of southeastern Belgium is one of the most culturally confused regions of modern Europe. Belgium’s past reflects this turmoil. Beginning in 57 BC, Julius Caesar extended the power of Rome into the region of Europe that is now Belgium. The people Caesar encountered there were the Belgae, one of the various Celtic tribes of early Gaul, and the Romans dubbed their new province Gallia Belgica.

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Battle of the Bulge: 60th Anniversary Edition


Battle of the Bulge--60th Anniversary

A valuable guide to the history of Hitler's last offensive in the West.

Hitler’s Ardennes Offensive: The German View of the Battle of the Bulge

An account of how Hitler and his generals perceived the progress and failure of their assault on the Ardennes in December 1944, the offensive which they hoped would turn the cour

Hitler's Warrior: The Life & Wars of SS Col. Jochen Peiper

Jochen PeiperSS colonel Jochen Peiper was one of the most controversial figures of the Second World War.

Strategy & Tactics Magazine

Danny S. Parker, "Battle for the Ardennes, May 1940 and December 1944," Strategy and Tactics 71 (November-December 1978): 38.

Danny S. Parker, "Hitler's Last Gamble: The Place of the Ardennes Offensive in World War II," Strategy and Tactics 134 (May-June 1990)


Fatal Crossroads: 2012 Tour of the Malmedy Massacre at the Baugnez Museum

In June 2012 we will have a tour of the Malmedy Massacre at Baugnez, Belgium as a tie-in with my new book, Fatal Crossroads.  This tour will also be coordinated with the Baugnez 44 Museum and feature a detailed expedition along the historical route of the Kampfgruppe Peiper.  What mysteries of Malmedy are yet to be solved?  You'll be among the first to know!  There will be a cocktail reception at the museum after the event.

Unlike December 1944, the weather should be warm.  We'll enjoy wonderful Belgian food and drink, and a fantastic tour like no other.

Fatal Crossroads: The Untold Story of the Malmédy Massacre in the Battle of the Bulge

What actually happened in the infamous Malmédy massacre?