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Recent Research: NightCool Nocturnal Building Cooling System

Using a building's roof to take advantage of long-wave radiation to the night sky has been long identified as a potentially productive means to reduce space cooling in buildings. The night cooling resource is large and enticing for residential energy-efficiency applications.

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Latest Invention: High Efficiency AC Condenser Fan

With sponsorship from the U.S. Department of Energy, a research project has designed, fabricated and tested improvements to an air conditioner outdoor unit fan system.  The primary object was to improve condenser fan performance while reducing motor power.  

Download .pdf to read about Danny S. Parker's ltest invention: High Efficiency AC Condenser Fan

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Bio as Researcher at Florida Solar Energy Center

Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)


I am a research scientist at the Florida Solar Energy Center where I have been working since 1988. I research concepts for use in buildlng very low energy homes, as well as machines and technologies that make that magic possible. I live in a 'Zero Energy' home myself (, drive a solar-charged plug-in hybrid car and 'walk the talk'. It's not just trendy; it's the future!